Kumpulan Quotes Bahasa Inggris tentang Cinta dan Kehidupan

Quotes Bahasa Inggris – Kita seringkali menemukan quotes cinta bahasa Inggris dan quotes bijak bahasa Inggris dari berbagai media. Sebenarnya apa sih quotes itu? Quotes atau kutipan adalah suatu kalimat yang berisikan ide atau pendapat seseorang yang dianggap menarik dan bermakna yang dapat dijadikan sumber, bahan acuan, menambah serta memperjelas karya tulis.

Meskipun pada awalnya quote atau kutipan banyak dipakai dalam karya tulis sebagai referensi, namun saat ini quotes Inggris dan artinya yang mengandung motivasi, inspirasi, dan hiburan, banyak digunakan untuk mengungkapkan perasaan dan menjadikan cerminan pribadi seseorang yang sesuai dengan quotes tertentu.
Quotes Bahasa Inggris bisa berasal dari motivator, ilmuwan, pengarang, pejabat, ataupun masyarakat lainnya. Selain itu, quotes bahasa Inggris juga bisa diambil dari buku, film, musik, ataupun media sosial. Yuk kita simak kumpulan quotes bahasa Inggris berikut ini.

Quotes Cinta Bahasa Inggris

Setiap orang tentu pernah mengalami yang namanya jatuh cinta atau pernah juga mengalami putus cinta dan patah hati. Berikut ini beberapa quotes cinta bahasa Inggris yang mungkin bisa mewakili perasaan kamu saat ini.

“Without communication, there will be no friendship. Without care, there will be no love. And without trust, there is no reason to continue. ”

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred, only love can do that. “

“Love doesn’t need a reason. Love comes from the wisdom of the heart.”

“You don’t need someone who is perfect, just find someone who always makes you happy and makes life more than anyone else.”

“One day, you will meet someone who doesn’t care about your past, because he wants to be with you in your future.”

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“Faithfulness means sincerity to keep one heart in heart, and promise not to betray.”

“Love is not a look at each other, but looking out together in the same direction”

“The best love is love that awakens the soul, which makes us able to achieve more, which burns the spirit in the heart, but reconciles the mind.”

Quotes Bijak Bahasa Inggris

Quotes bijak merupakan serangkaian kalimat yang memiliki makna yang mendalam. Berikut ini quotes bijak bahasa Inggris tentang kehidupan yang bisa membangkitkan semangatmu ataupun bisa kamu jadikan caption.

“If you regret too long, then you will not have a chance to improve.”

“Sometimes, people prefer to smile, just because they don’t want to explain why they are sad.”

“Everyone has a friend at every stage of his life, but only lucky people have the same friends at all stages of life.”

“Be proud of yourself, even if you don’t like anything. Sometimes they hate because they can’t be like you.”

“Even a difficult job if done happily would be fun.”

“It is not we who determine how valuable we are in the eyes of others. But it is the right of others to judge us, our duty is to continue to be useful.”

“Real success is not shown with luxury but with classy simplicity.”

“Remember there is nothing eternal in life, so whatever it is, accept it and let it go, your heart will be calmer.”

“We cannot stop the waves from the problem but we can learn to surf on the waves.”

“Success is a combination of thoughts, words, and positive actions.”

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“Courage comes when we can ensure that the fear we experience is very small.”

“Once you do something, don’t be afraid to fail and don’t leave it. People who work with sincerity are the happiest. ”

“Honesty will only hurt us for a little while, but our hearts still remain calm without guilt. While a lie will make our anxiety temporarily relieved, but it will torment our hearts forever.”

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