Contoh Daily Activities untuk Pelajar dan Karyawan dalam Bentuk Teks

Contoh Daily Activities – Mempelajari bahasa Inggris menjadi salah satu hal penting mengingat bahasa asing ini merupakan bahasa Internasional yang paling banyak digunakan di dunia internasional. Untuk menghadapi tantangan era globalisasi, maka fasih dan menguasai bahasa Inggris menjadi salah satu hal wajib yang harus dilakukan.

Belajar bahasa Inggris bisa dimulai dengan mempelajari kosa kata (vocabulary) dan tata bahasa (grammar) yang bisa dipraktekkan dalam percakapan sehari-hari maupun daily activities. Daily activities merupakan rutinitas yang dilakukan sehari-hari oleh seseorang mulai dari bangun pagi hingga tidur pada malam hari.

Kalimat daily activities yang dibuat bukanlah cerita karangan atau fiksi melainkan hal yang memang dilakukan sehari-hari oleh seseorang. Sehingga bentuk tenses yang digunakan adalah simple present tenses karena kegiatan yang dilakukan merupakan kegiatan yang terus berulang dari hari ke hari. Bentuk tenses ini menggunakan kata kerja bentuk pertama atau Verb 1.

Contoh Daily Activities Untuk Pelajar

Agar dapat memahami kalimat daily activities, kamu bisa memperhatikan contoh daily activities berikut ini. Setelah membaca contoh daily activities, kamu bisa mulai belajar menambah perbendaharaan kosakata dengan mencari kata kerja yang terdapat dalam kalimat teks berikut.

I usually wake up at 04.30 o’clock in the morning everyday. I need to pray and prepare myself to school especially on Monday to Saturday. There are so many activities that I have to do before I am going to school. 

First, I tidy up my bed and sweep the floor to make my bedroom clean. I can’t go anywhere before I see my room neat and clean. After that, I do some exercise to stretch my body and keep healthy. 

After I finish those activities, I prepare some books based on shcedule at school on that day and check my homework or task. Then, I brush my teeth and take a bath before I wearing my school uniform. Before goint to school, I always eat breakfast and handshake to my parents. 

During at school, I always enjoy studying and learning all the lessons. I like to play and chat with my friends in class too. Sometimes we talk about the lessons or our privacy. After school  at 01.00 pm, I change my uniform to my daily wear and have lunch. I usually do my homework if any or help my parents to cook for dinner. After that I study again at night and watching television for one hour. Then, I sleep at 09.00 pm. 

Those are my routine on Monday to Saturday, while on Sunday actually there is no much different. I only spare more time to play or going for holiday with family. I love do all those activities and I enjoy it.  

Contoh Daily Activities Untuk Pekerja/Karyawan

Berikut ini contoh daily activities yang biasa dilakukan oleh pekerja atau karyawan, yaitu:

I work on Monday to Friday and get two days off on Saturday and Sunday. Every day I wake up at 04.30 o’clock in the morning. After that, I pray and tidy up my bedroom to make it clean and neat. After that, I do exercise for 20 to 30 minutes to keep my body healthy and fresh every day. I always prepare breakfast by myself and need around 30 minutes to finish it.

Then, I brush my teeth, take a bath, and change my clothes to office’s uniform. I go to my office at 06.45 am by motorcycle and arrive at 07.15 am. I always come in time as I start working at 07.30 am. I work as a teacher in a school and I love my job. 

I finish in teaching around 02.00 pm and directly go home after finish all the administration. After that, sometimes I go for hangout with my friends or finish some works at home if any. Then, I watch television for an hour at night and sleep at 10.00 pm. 

Teks di atas hanyalah contoh dari teks daily activities. Kamu bisa membuat narasi lainnya tergantung dari aktivitas sehari-hari yang biasa kamu lakukan.

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